Spy x Family – 07

You’ve got to feel for Anya.  School can be a nightmare anyway, but to be able to read all those guttersnipes’ thoughts?  The horror…  When you get right down to…


Ao Ashi – 07 – Lost in Anime

Once more I’m struck by the parallels between the two superficially disparate series Ao Ashi and Dance Dance Danseur.  Part of that no doubt is timing – I watch them…


Dance Dance Danseur – 07

It’s Danseur’s season, any other show is just borrowing it for 23 minutes. The only fault I can find with Dance Dance Danseur, really, is that it’s not going to…


Aharen-san wa Hakarenai – 08

“Aware” was certainly the theme for Aharen-san wa Hakarenai this week.  But I think it fits equally well both in its English and Japanese meanings.  Momo-chan-sensei’s tribulations over “esteem” are…


Spy x Family Watch & Read Order (OFFICIAL)

Have you heard about this on-going anime with 3 main characters having different objectives but working together to disguise themselves as a family? Well, we have this telepath, assassin, and…


Reserve your Hotel for AX2022!

AX 2022 is only weeks away! Did you secure housing for your stay? We got you covered! Participating hotels in the AX 2022 Official Block offer a special rate for…

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