Which is the strongest eye?

Updated January 20, 2023 by Ernie

Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. All of these revolve around the world of Naruto for a specific reason. Power. And it’s an ongoing question which one is considered to be the strongest. 

But before knowing what comes out on top, we need to figure out what we are dealing with. What exactly are these three eyes that people in the ninja world desperately want to have? What do they do? And Why do these techniques become a threat when used by a powerful shinobi?

Well, sit back and relax, my friends, because we’re about to dive into Naruto’s top 3 Eye Techniques, aka The Three Great Dōjutsu.

(Warning, possible spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t reached far into the anime or manga.)

Which is the strongest among the three eyes?

Byakugan: The All-Seeing Eye

Byakugan 1

A Dōjutsu known for its 360° field vision, Byakugan creates the opportunity for the individual to see a wide scope of their surroundings almost to a point where they can see through opaque objects, and even examine a person’s chakra to identify their specific signatures. Way better than just having 20/20 vision if you ask me. 

Unlike the other Eye techniques, Byakugan manifests the moment the user is born. While the eye does not really need certain conditions for it to appear, the wielder does need to undergo training for it to be activated. 

Its feature is recognizable due to the eyes being completely white, with no dark pupils in sight, a trait commonly seen among the Hyuuga clan


In comparison to Sharingan and Rinnegan, Byakugan isn’t an offensive method. But by no means it is considered weak. Its wide range of abilities is usually sought in battle, where shinobis who use this eye technique are often the ones on the look-out. It poses a threat to genjutsu users since the eye can determine whether the enemy is currently using one, leaving the opponent side quite vulnerable when performing illusions. 

Shinobis who are well trained and equipped in using Byakugan, are often skilled in analyzing the enemies’ attacks during a fight, making the users an important asset to the team to determine the target’s weak spots. So it makes sense why this insanely cool detector is highly valued whenever they encounter a ninja who possesses it, let alone if the user is also skilled in combat like Neji Hyuuga, they can be unstoppable forces in the battlefield.

Sharingan: The Mirror Wheel Eye


The infamous eye technique from the Otsutsuki and Uchiha Clan which is feared by many, and highly regarded as a strong weapon that can perform Insight and Hypnotism (Genjutsu: Sharingan).

The Sharingan is connected to a person’s mental state, manifesting once the wielder experiences an incident regarding anyone they care about. With a slightly similar concept as the Incredible Hulk, where Bruce Banner transforms and gains inhumane strength when he’s angry. While the Hulk focuses on harnessing power through his anger, the sharingan has a wider range of emotion it can get its power from, whether it’d be positive or negative. So it’s not entirely the same, plus sharingan users don’t really turn green. But either way, both ideas tap into a person’s feelings, causing the user to have a tendency to lose control over its power when left unchecked.


It deals a lot with the shinobi’s emotional condition, harvested from extreme feelings of stress, loss, or even a desire to protect. Sasuke is the perfect example for this, with the sharingan appearing when he sees the death of his clan as well as when he was fighting Haku. (Naruto Episode 16)

You can say that this Dōjutsu is the most emotionally driven one, as it grows the more intense the user feels. Triggering the Sharingan causes the wielder’s eyes to turn red, with a specific number of dots known as Tomoe appearing around the pupil. Tomoes represent how strong the dōjutsu has already developed.


The stronger the sharingan, the more a shinobi is capable of performing genjutsu, see an opponent’s attack before it hits, and even the ability to warp reality for a short period of time.

This technique is also capable of seeing chakra, similar to byakugan, but not as strong as the latter. 

While sharingan has far more abilities than byakugan, it also takes up a lot of energy due to the wielder using an immense amount of power. With great power, comes a great need for chakra.


There’s no question why people were wary of the Uchiha clan for having the sharingan. It poses high levels of threat if used abusively, and knowing emotions are involved in manifesting one, it often comes from a great deal of suffering and loss, letting others be vulnerable to lose control. 

But there’s also no doubt why this eye is always being targeted by others who want to be in control of things. If they go to the wrong hands, they can insure mayhem through illusions, causing people to fear their surroundings all the while the user barely lifts a finger.

Rinnegan: The Samsāra Eye


Having the power to control life and death itself is an insane feat. While it’s impossible for most shinobis to attain, even through life long research (Naruto Shippuden episode 370), one can come so close yet still not reach it. Which is why the Rinnegan is desired by those who dream of holding the entire world in their hands, whether to save or destroy it. 

The Rinnegan poses an overwhelming power to the extent where people end up losing themselves in the process the more they use it. It gives the wielder the capacity to master any jutsu, and the only dōjutsu to fully decipher the Sage of Six Paths stone tablet.


But the range doesn’t stop there. The abilities of Rinnegan also lets the user perform any kind of summoning jutsu, absorb chakra, and even go as far as reviving the dead. 

The best example we can give is through the Pain Arc, where Nagato fully displays the capabilities of this power through the Six Paths of Pain (Naruto Shippuden Episode 129 / Volume 40 Chapter 369). Where Nagato equally distributes every power per clone, with an immeasurable strength that brought Konoha its downfall. For a guide, here is Naruto watch order, so you won’t miss a thing!

Unlike the Sharingan and Byakugan, Rinnegan is harder to obtain. A possible reason why many would wage war against others simply because they want to implant the eye onto themselves. Madara and Obito are perfect examples of this when they targeted Nagato’s Rinnegan (Naruto Shippuden Episode 255).


An eye technique capable of ending a whole nation, and yet having the same power to revive anyone who has ever died (Naruto Shippuden Episode 458), makes the wielder feel like they are their own God. Having the very choice to save the world from evil, or rule it.

Alright! So now that we know a little bit more about the Three Great Dojutsu as well as their abilities, one question comes to mind: Which is the strongest eye? And does having that eye makes the strongest character in the series too?

While the topic is always up for debate, considering each eye has its specific strength, the outcome of a fight can also depend on how the wielder makes the most of their techniques and skills. Even with that, it’s good to consider the power of each dōjutsu in its raw form, without comparing the individual strength of the shinobi, to completely figure out what each eye is capable of.


For Byakugan, it’s abilities are definitely a necessity for battle, but when it comes to their offense, it doesn’t deal as much damage, unless the ninja is skilled enough to fight while using it, compared to the other two. It’s really hard to punch someone if you don’t have the skills for it, even with 20/20 perfect vision.

So in the end, it all comes down to Sharingan and Rinnegan. While both are relatively dangerous, it all comes down to the lasting effect both can give. 


The Sharingan messes with your head but it takes a lot to keep it in a continuous loop. A strong shinobi, persistent enough, can break the barriers and escape once they’re able to know it’s a genjutsu.

Meanwhile the Rinnegan is irreversible for anyone who doesn’t have the eye. It gives you full control over the living and the dead, and everything in between. Making it the most desirable and strongest eye there is among the three (and in the whole anime universe), even without lifting a single finger. It may be at the cost of the user’s own chakra, and in some cases their own life (Nagato dying), but the equal exchange shows an overwhelming power only Rinnegan holders can do.



And that’s all about the three powerful Dōjutsus! Regardless of the levels they have, there’s no doubt all three eyes are powerful. But for me, there’s no doubt Rinnegan is the one to fear. You can be sure Kishimito has a lot of mind blowing arcs that display everything the doujutsus can do. Especially in Shippuden. And the Pain Arc is one to watch. If you haven’t watched Naruto or read the manga, I definitely recommend it. Here is the complete filler list to help you too! It’s way better to see the actual battles, and prepare to have your tissues ready because a lot of it is going to be a roller coaster ride!