Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf in Naruto?

Updated November 19, 2022 by Ernie

There are so many things in Naruto that happened with so many characters that it is almost hard to keep track of them all.

Each character has his own problems to deal with, and his own personal goal that he is working hard as hell to achieve.

Naruto wants to become the next Hokage, Sakura wants to catch up to her teammates so she can finally call herself their equal, Orochimaru wants to become immortal, and I think two other characters want to become Hokage as well.

In between all those cute dreams, we have Sasukes. He turned the whole dream into something super dark when he admitted that his ultimate goal was to take the life of a special someone. You know in that episode when they were getting to know each other better after team 7 was formed.

All the Naruto fans here already know who that someone is, its his brother, Itachi. While murder is a crime and should be condemned, at the time, we all rooted for him since his brother did something unforgivable.

However, at some point in the series, Sasukes road made a 180-degree turn, when he suddenly decided to completely decimate the Leaf Village for the sake of his brother. Why the sudden change of heart?

In order to answer that question, we are going to have to take a trip to the past, go back to the roots of the story when our characters were still little brat ninjas leading a happy life in total oblivion.

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Sasuke was living with his brother and his parents in a secluded corner of the Leaf Village, alongside the entire Uchiha clan.

Living in the shadow of his genius brother all he desired was his fathers approval. At the end of the day those were problems any kid with a lot of ambitions go through at some point in life.

Too young to understand what was happening in the shadows, Sasuke led a peaceful life training with his brother whom he cherished from the bottom of his heart. However, those peaceful times didnt last very long.

Let me ask you a question, how would you have felt if the person you trusted the most stabbed you in the back and committed the most unforgivable of sins?

Some of you wouldve had a mental breakdown, others might suffer from denial, but Sasuke, he was filled with the most unquenchable hate someone could ever feel.

His brother who he looked up to, the person he thrived to be turned his back not only on his clan but on the entire village.

One fateful night, for reasons that were yet unknown at the time, Itachi single-handedly killed every single member of the Uchiha clan leaving only his kid brother alive.

From this point on, the one thing that kept Sasuke going was his desire for revenge. He trained and trained and trained some more. When normal training wasnt enough anymore, he searched for opportunities somewhere else.

Betraying the village, he left his Nakama, his home, behind to join Orochimaru, the snake who tried to offer him power in return for something far more valuable, his very own body.

Sasuke became a wanted criminal, however, that didnt bother him one bit since all he ever did was follow Orochimarus teachings for years.

He grew stronger for sure, but at what cost? He became a dark individual, a lone individual with close to no emotion or feelings.

He took on OP enemies after OP enemies so he could someday appear before his brother and claim the life he desired so badly.

However, when that day arrived, it didnt exactly go as planned

Why did Sasuke forgive Itachi?

Finally, the moment of truth! This is were all our questions will be answered! Drum roll please, the battle we have been waiting for is about to begin. I present to you, Sasuke VS Itachi!

Itachi was in a weakened state, suffering from a mysterious illness he was barely able to see, and yet he was the one holding the upper hand.

The battle was intense, to say the least, mind-blowing, exciting on another level. They went all out, used all the tricks they had up their sleeves.

Now exhausted, it was time to end this. Using his most prized technique, Kirin, Sasuke gathered all the lighting in the skies, condensed them, and released the overcharged attack on Itachi.

It was bulls eyes and yet Itachi survived. Sasuke, now out of chakra, thought it was the end for him when white snakes started gushing out of his body.

It was then that the most unexpected thing happened. Itachi, using the very last strength that he had left, decapitated the snakes and got rid of the cursed mark that was binding Sasuke to Orochimaru.

It was his goal all along, to save his brother, but the cost was his life. He had seconds to live after he dealt his final attack, he slowly walked toward his brother and mustered those last words: Forgive me, Sasuke and flicked him on the head like he used to do when they were young.

Sasuke won, however the feeling of ecstasy he was expecting to experience never came. Only a weird bitter task was left in his mouth, the taste of regret, but why?

While he was recovering from his wounds, Obito came to him and gave him the first piece of the puzzle, all his brother ever did, all his actions were meant to protect him.

The Uchiha clan was planning a rebellion against the Leaf village to regain control of it. Danzo, who got wind of their plan, decided to plant an ANBU spy inside the rebel faction. That spy was none other than Itachi.

The higher-ups gave him a special mission, I believe you guessed what it was. For the sake of the village, Itachi followed the order he was given and became a sacrifice.


Why Does Sasuke Want To Destroy the Hidden Leaf

After learning all that, hate turned into grief, grief into regret, regret into guilt and finally, guilt turned back again into hate, however, that hate was no longer targeting Itachi, it was directed toward the entire Leaf Village.

The rulers of the village used his beloved brother, made him commit a heinous crime under their orders, turned him into a scapegoat, made him into one of the most despised criminals of the shinobi world, and they even turned him, Sasuke, against him.

They made him shoulder not only his overwhelming feelings of guilt, but they also made him shoulder the resentment of so many people. And as strong as Itachi might be, that takes a toll on a person. Alone and hated, this was the fate that awaited the savior of the village.

For revenge, for the sake of his brother, who was persecuted and used like a tool, Sasuke marched towards the Leaf village with the sole intention of completely destroying that hellish place that doesnt have a shred of compassion for its inhabitants.

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To be honest with you, when the hidden truth was finally revealed, not only was I shocked, but I also wanted Sasuke to get revenge for Itachi so badly!

Now, I wouldnt go as far as destroying the village, I wouldve focused my rage on Danzo and Danzo only, making sure hed be so miserable that hed wish he was dead.

What would be your ultimate revenge plan?

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