Naruto vs. Ichigo: Battle of the Protagonists

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NARUTO VS ICHIGO!!! This battle has been going on for ages. Both fandoms cant decide which character is stronger. Some people say Ichigo is stronger, and some say that Naruto is stronger, but deep down we all know that both of them cannot beat Goku! Just kidding lol! 

Being the protagonists of the most popular anime of all time, Naruto and Bleach, these characters have inspired many people around the world. Naruto is one of the most iconic Main Characters of all time. On the other hand, youll see many MCs who are inspired by Ichigo

In this blog, well be comparing them on the basis of different aspects and see which one of them comes out stronger. But, before that, lemme just make one thing clear. The energies are EQUALIZED!! Now! What do I mean by this? Some dumb people make this argument that Naruto cant even see Ichigo because he is a Shinigami HAHAHA. Equalizing their energies mean that Naruto can totally see Ichigo and his attacks will definitely affect him. And it also means that Chakra=Spiritual Energy

Without any further ado, lets begin!!



Before getting to the main aspects, lets just take a quick look at both characters backstories and what they have been through. Lets start with Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Narutos childhood was really traumatic. He was raised without parents and the villagers hated him. Why? Well! There was a demon inside him, who had destroyed his village a few years back. Despite all this, Naruto aspires to become the Hokage of his village

Now, this is where the fun begins. The same demon, the Nine-Tailed Fox, became Narutos main strength as he grew up. In the beginning, he was unable to use his powers efficiently. However, as time passed by, he learned to control its Chakra and ultimately befriended him. 

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Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo is the protagonist of Bleach. Bleach has inspired many anime including Black Clover, Jujutsu Kaisen, and many more. Talkin about Ichigo, Ichigo lived a very normal life. Well! The fact that he lived with his father is just OUTRAGEOUS!! How can you be a Shounen protagonist if your parents are alive? It doesnt make sense to me lol!

Ichigo became a Shinigami after he was offered the powers of a girl named Rukia Kuchiki who had saved him from a Hollow as a last ditch effort to win. Hollows are basically Evil spirits. Having lost her powers, Rukia cannot perform her duties as a Shinigami and Ichigo had to cover for her. 

Now, well be comparing them on the basis of different aspects.

Basic Powers

Naruto was unable to utilize Kuramas Chakra and powers at the beginning of the series, so he mastered Sage Mode, which allowed him to defeat Pain and Kurama. After defeating Kurama, he was able to control his chakra and spread it equally. This form is known as KCM (Kyuubi Chakra Mode) 1. If he combines KCM with Sage Mode, it becomes KCM 2. Baryon Mode, however, is Narutos strongest form in which he fully utilizes Kuramas chakra (Boruto Manga Chapter 52, Boruto Episode 212).

Ichigos Zanpakuto is named Zangetsu. His Zanpakuto is kinda huge because he cannot control his spiritual energy. As we all know, Zanpakuto has souls of their own. Zangetsus soul is a cool and calm old man. His Bankai is named Tensa Zangetsu. In his Bankai, Zanpakuto shrinks and his reflexes improve a lot. Besides this, Ichigo has Hollow powers as well. Well! The reason he has Hollow powers is that he is a Quincy as well and he inherited these powers from his mother (She was also a Quincy herself) (Bleach Manga Chapter 513).


As we have mentioned Narutos final form, we might as well mention Ichigos true form as well. It was revealed in the manga that Ichigos true Zanpakuto is not Zangetsu. It was revealed when Jugram broke Ichigos Zanpakuto, he went to the Soul King Palace to get his Bankai back. 

The Hollow inside Ichigo was his true Zanpakuto all along. Zangetsu was just suppressing it (Bleach Manga Chapter 542).

In his true Shikai form, he wields two swords, one short and one long. Using these, he was able to fight toe-to-toe with Yhwach. 

During his fight with Yhwach, Ichigo merged his two swords, making it a single one. It was his True Bankai Form. Even Yhwach considered it a real threat and altered the future. 

Ichigo was unable to control his Hollow powers in the beginning. However, after some training, he got it under his control. His hollow powers increase as the series progresses.

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Physical Strength

First, lets just compare their physical abilities. And I believe Naruto wins this round quite easily. 

I know Ichigo moves around that big ass sword. But, here is the thing with Zanpakutos, they are part of a Shinigamis soul, so he wouldnt find his Zanpakuto heavy. He relies more on his power-based attacks instead of physical strength. You wont see him punching people around with his bare hands.

On the other hand, Naruto relies more on physical strength. We have seen him flipping an entire RHINO during the pain invasion arc. There should be no doubt that Naruto is physically stronger and more resilient when compared with Ichigo

Result: Naruto wins this round.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Well! This category also goes to Naruto. Being a ninja, Naruto is pretty adept at Taijutsu. His hand-to-hand combat skills are not that great when compared with other Naruto characters. However, they are still pretty good. Narutos shadow clone Jutsu makes his Taijutsu skills stand out even more. 

On the other hand, Ichigo doesnt rely on Hand-to-Hand combat as he utilizes a weapon. Well! It makes sense. He did receive Karate training when he was young tho. 

Result: Naruto wins this round.


Now, this category can get a bit controversial. In my opinion, Ichigo is faster than Naruto in terms of speed. Most people will disagree with me on this one. 

I know Naruto is quite FAST!!! He is regarded as one of the fastest shinobi. He even defeated the Raikage, who can travel at lightning speed. We have also seen him dodge attacks traveling at the speed of light. So, how is Ichigo faster than him?  

Well! The speed we are talking about here is not running or dodging speed. We are talking combat speed. Naruto cannot instantly teleport during fights. His attacks are easily dodgeable. On the other hand, Ichigo is much quicker than Naruto in fights. He can basically use instant teleportation.  Soo yeah!! Ichigo wins this round. 

Result: Ichigo wins this round.

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Energy Reserves

Well! It was already established that energies are equalized. With that in mind, Chakra=Spiritual Energy. Both of these characters are known to possess the highest reserves of energy in their respective verses to the extent that they cannot shadow it. 

Being an Uzumaki, Naruto already possesses an immense amount of Chakra (Almost 4 times that of a normal shinobi). And if we combine this with Kuramas Chakra, his Chakra reserves just bounce off the charts. During the 4th Great Ninja War, Naruto even shared his Chakra with other Shinobi and fought for two whole days (Naruto Shippuden Episode 247).

On the other hand, Ichigos energy reserves are deffo not to be underestimated. My mans had soo much spiritual pressure that he couldnt even suppress it. The reason his Zanpakuto is so DAMN HUGEEE is because of his spiritual pressure. He even trained for 3 months straight without taking any breaks. Still, there is no proper standard by which we can compare their Energy Reserves, so Id call this a tie. 

Result: its a tie.


Lets just talk about Feats here. 

Naruto in his KCM 2 form defeated Kaguya Otsutsuki (With Sasukes Help). And Kaguya is said to be a multi-dimensional threat. But we all know that she wasnt even planetary level (Naruto Manga Chapter 699). Toneri was stronger than her and Naruto basically one-shotted him (Naruto Movie: The Last).

Naruto in his Baryon Mode defeated Ishiki, who is said to be one of the strongest Otsutsuki and is definitely at the planetary level. This makes Naruto a Planetary-Level character. 

Ichigo, on the other hand, was able to cut Yhwach in his final form. Yhwach is regarded as the strongest character in Bleach, and is known to have destroyed planets and recreated them. This also makes Ichigo Planetary level

Now, if we talk realistically. Ichigos final form is no more than the Multi-Continental level. He cannot destroy planets (I mean, he can but his spiritual energy would backfire and it wouldnt make any sense) just because he cut Yhwach in two. Naruto, on the other hand, if he fully utilizes his destructive power can definitely blow up a planet or at least the moon

Sooo, Naruto wins this one. 

Result: Naruto wins this round.

Strongest Forms

Lets just compare their strongest forms. Narutos Baryon Mode basically puts him above GODS like Ishiki Otsutsuki and Kaguya Otsutsuki. He was able to overpower Ishiki in this form and ultimately defeated him. His power and speed are off the charts. However, this form has a downfall. It has a time limit, and Naruto would lose Kurama after using it. 

Ichigo, on the other hand, can use his True Bankai form whenever he wants and it has no side effects. In this form, Ichigo was able to fight Yhwach who is capable of destroying total dimensions. This form has no true drawbacks except that it physically strains Ichigos body as Bankais are meant to end a fight quickly. 

So, who would win if Naruto Baryon Mode and True Bankai Ichigo face off? Id go with Ichigo on this one. Unlike Ishiki whose life force was being drained by Narutos Baryon Mode, Ichigo is a Shinigami who can love for thousands of years. And if he manages to stretch the fight enough, it would be an easy win for him. He just has to avoid Narutos attacks. Otherwise, it can get a bit deadly. 

Winner: Ichigo Wins This Round.


Sooo, what do we conclude from this discussion? Both of these characters are strong. However, if we look at it rationally, Ichigo relies more on brute strength and the forms he gained throughout the series. His sword skills are not that impressive. His main strength is his destructive power

Naruto, on the other hand, applies a wide variety of techniques in his battles. His SEXY JUTSU…. Oh no! Not this one. His SHADOW CLONE Jutsu already gives an upper hand in any battle. He can also heal himself using Kuramas chakra

Keep this thing in mind we are not comparing their full powers. It is highly unlikely that theyll go all out from the beginning. 

Ichigo is by no means WEAK!!! Naruto is just more versatile

Naruto won 3 rounds out of 6, while Ichigo won 2 rounds, and one round was a tie. 

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