24+ Strongest Eyes in Anime!

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Ocular powers are just so cool, they have something poetic and at the same time chaotic about them.

They are some of the most difficult abilities to deal with since fighting blind can be a drag really. They are terrifying and yet when you look at them, they are just beautiful. Such opposite feelings over something that should be straightforward.

Anyway, in the anime universe, we have a nice set of superpowered eyes that can grant unbelievable abilities. Wanna know what they are? Hand with us and find out for yourself.


25. Figure Eyes

Title Fairy Tail
Author Hiro Mashima
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Funimation
Premiered Apr 5, 2014
Episode Count 102
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Bickslow

In the Fairy Tail series, Bickslow is a mage that was once part of the Thunder God Tribe. Thanks to his origins, he inherited a very unique kind of Eye Magic.

With just one stare, he can take control of any living thing that dares to look back at him. Now under the influence of his eyes, they are turned into his puppets (Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 115).

The only way to escape his gaze is, well, to fight him blind. Good luck defeating such a fighter while lost in the darkness.

24. Giro Giro no Mi

Title One Piece
Author Eiichiro Oda
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Toei Animation
Premiered Oct 20, 1999
Episode Count Unknown
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Viola

After Doflamingos downfall, Viola was appointed crown princess of Dressrosa. Beautiful and strong, she is a true ruler that wont hesitate to dirty her hands for her people.

She ate a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called the Giro Giro no Mi that gave her a kind of X-ray eye. She can see through any object, and they can also act as binoculars. However, its best skill is that it allows her to peek into the mind of her target (One Piece Episode 640).

To activate her skill all she has to do is form a circle with her finger and look through it as if it was a lens.

23. Stone Eyes

Title Fairy Tail
Author Hiro Mashima
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Funimation
Premiered Apr 5, 2014
Episode Count 102
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Evergreen

Evergreen has perfect eyesight, she doesnt actually need glasses, its the people around her that need her to wear them, for their own protection of course.

Her very powerful Eye Magic that I like to call the Medusa hoax can turn into stone any human unlucky enough to look her right in the eyes (Fairy Tail Manga Chapter 106).

However, unlike Medusa, she is free to undo her curse. If she doesnt over time, the petrified targets will eventually turn into dust.

22. The Demon Eye

Title Soul Eater
Author Atsushi Ōkubo
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered Apr 7, 2008
Episode Count 51
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Free

For those who havent watched Soul Eater, let me explain to you how devastating the Demon Eye is.

The Demon Eye isnt just any eye, its actually not even the eye of the guy who now has it, its the left eyeball of the Witch Queen known as Mabaa.

That powerful item allows its master to use the magic that only Mabaa could cast when she was still in this world (Soul Eater Manga Chapter 11).

Not only does it give you access to spells you cant even dream of casting, but it also has magic abilities of its own.

The only downside is that his energy is not infinite, it will need to recharge now and then, especially when casting OP spells.

21. Evil Eye

Title Get Backers
Author Yuya Aoki
Genre Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio Studio Deen
Premiered Oct 5, 2002 to Sep 20, 2003
Episode Count 49 episodes
Duration 24 min per ep
Character Ban Mido

Ban possesses a very interesting ability, an ability that could make you go crazy if ever used in a cruel way.

His power is called the Evil Eye and when activated anyone that looks into his eyes will be stuck in a one-minute illusion created by Ban.

Let me tell you one thing, you will never be able to tell that you are trapped in the world that he created for you (Get Backers Manga Chapter 16).

The only disadvantage of this skill is that it can only be used three times a day and it cant be used on the same person twice on the same day.

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20. Millennium Eye

Title Yu☆Gi☆Oh!
Author Kazuki Takahashi
Genre Action, Fantasy, Comedy
Type Series
Studio Toei Animation
Premiered Apr 4, 1998 to Oct 10, 1998
Episode Count 27 episodes
Duration 24 min per ep
Character Pegasus

The Millennium Eye shares the same ability as Violas Devil Fruit but is much more powerful. It invades the mind of its target, and its master will have access to all the thoughts of the target at all times (Yu Gi Oh Manga Chapter 32).

So, technically he is cheating since he can see the cards of his adversary and know what strategies he will be using.

Not only can it read thoughts, but it can also tap into the past memories of the target making him susceptible to manipulation.

19. Cursed Eye

Title D.Gray-man
Author Katsura Hoshino
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Type Series
Studio TMS Entertainment
Premiered Oct 3, 2006 to Sep 30, 2008
Episode Count 103 episodes
Duration 23 min per ep
Character Allen Walker

It wont sound like this eye is OP, however, in the universe of D.Gray Man, Allens cursed eye is an ultimate weapon.

In a world where Akuma, deadly demons are hiding amongst humanity, his left eye has the power of locating them and seeing the souls that are trapped inside those demons.

It became a weapon so dangerous for the Millennium Earl that he started researching ways of preventing it from activating.

This eye possesses three levels, the more he uses it, the more he masters it, the greater his effect and it even developed some nice side abilities (D Gray Man Chapter 198).

18. Alpha Stigma

Title The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Author Takaya Kagami
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Zexcs
Premiered Jul 2, 2010 to Dec 17, 2010
Episode Count 24 episodes
Duration 24 min per ep
Character Ryner Lute

Ryner is cursed. The power that that curse gave him was so powerful, so uncontrollable that people believed him to be a monster. and well, when he would go berserk thats exactly what he was.

The Alpha Stigma eye is a malediction that was passed on to the human realm by the Dark Gods. It enables the cursed one to analyze and then copy any kind of magic that activates in front of him (The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode 1) , kind of similar the Copy Ninja copycat Kakashi.

However, as great as this power is, the trick is to stay in control. Once you let the eye take over your soul, only total destruction will follow.

17. Demon Eyes of Destruction

Title The Misfit of Demon King Academy
Author Kayaharuka
Genre Action, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Silver Link
Premiered Jul 4, 2020 to Sep 26, 2020
Episode Count 13 episodes
Duration 23 min per ep
Character Sasha Necron, Anos Voldigoad

In the series, only two characters have the skill set to use the Demon Eyes of Destruction. One is the king of all demons and the other is one of his descendants who acquired quite the reputation thanks to that magic.

Those beautiful yet deadly pairs of eyes can obliterate anything in their sight (The Misfit of Demon King Academy Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 27). And Im not talking only about physical objects, even a persons mind can be destroyed with just a glance.

They also possess the ability to cancel any magic being cast and can put a person into a deep coma for hours, days, or even years.

16. Emperor Eye

Title Kurokos Basketball
Author Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Genre Sports
Type Series
Studio I.G. Production
Premiered Apr 8, 2012 to Sep 22, 2012
Episode Count 25 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Seijūrō Akashi, Ryōta Kise (Copy)

In the Generation of Miracle members, the best player is not the tallest nor the strongest. He is not even the fastest, he is the guy in possession of the Emperor Eye, his name is Seijūrō Akashi.

This eye has such high observational abilities that it is able to somehow predict what the opponent will do next, its like seeing the future (Kuroko no Basuke EXTRA GAME, Chapter 7).

By seeing his opponents movements before he even does them, this genius player can make them dance in the palm of his hand. At the end of the game, they are crawling at his feet and thats not a metaphor.

15. Shinigami Eyes

Title Death Note
Author Tsugumi Ohba
Genre Supernatural, Suspense
Type Series
Studio Madhouse
Premiered Oct 4, 2006
Episode Count 37 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Misa Misa, Shinigami

The most powerful and most dangerous people in this universe are the possessors of the Death Note.

By just writing a name in a puny book, they can kill anyone at any time, anywhere and the only restriction is that they have to know their face and name.

You will tell me that it would be easy to avoid the worst, just hide your true name and you are safe. However, how do you think the Shinigamis were doing to learn your names for all those ions? They sure dont have the patience to go and check out your IDs.

Its their eyes, their eyes can see the name of the person they are looking at and when they are going to die. Whats even cooler is that they can give those eyes to the Death Note user in exchange for half their life span (Death Note Episode 11).

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14. The Scarlet Eyes

Title Hunter X Hunter
Author Yoshihiro Togashi
Genre Action, Fantasy, Adventure
Type Series
Studio Nippon Animation
Premiered Oct 16, 1999
Episode Count 62 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Karapika

The Scarlet Eyes are a trait only the Kurta Clan possesses and now the sole member of that clan is Kurapika.

Not only are they mesmerizing, but they are also extremely powerful. When one of the holders gets enraged, his eyes change colors and take a vivid red share, just like blood.

In that state, all his physical abilities are enhanced, speed and power defied human limits (Hunter x Hunter Episode 2). However, with the extra power comes a decrease in rationality as emotions get so overwhelming that its impossible to think straight.

13. The Ginko of the Tokoyami

Title Mushi-Shi
Author Yuki Urushibara
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio Artland
Premiered Oct 23, 2005 to Jun 19, 2006
Episode Count 26 episodes
Duration 25 min. per ep.
Character Ginko

Following Allens footsteps, Ginkos eye is more a curse than a gift (Mushi-shi Episode 12). When he was a kid, a Mushi, a very mysterious being, infected his eye, blinding it. However, in return, he is now able to see those beings that should be impossible to discern with the human eye.

Nothing bad till now, but because of this power, Mushi gets drawn to him. Everywhere he goes, catastrophe follows because of the number of creatures that are after him.

In a way, just by staying in one place a bit too long, he can cause unending destruction and natural catastrophes.

12. Erasure

Title My Hero Academia
Author Kohei Horikoshi
Genre Action
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered Apr 3, 2016
Episode Count 13 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Shota Aizawa

My Hero Academia is a world that is ruled by Quirks. The character with the most powerful Quirk gets to become the greatest Hero or on the contrary, the greatest Villain.

However, Aizawa is above them all as the Quirk that resides in his eyes gives him the ability to nullify all other Quirk (My Hero Academia Episode 5).

In terms of strength, speed, and coolness he is all but average, but any guy that stands in front of him stands on equal footing.

11. Jagan Eye

Title Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho
Author Yoshihiro Togashi
Genre Action, Supernatural, Comedy
Type Series
Studio Pierrot
Premiered Oct 10, 1992 to Jan 7, 1995
Episode Count 102 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Hiei

Hiei surgically got himself a third eye on his forehead called the Jagan Eye. Not only does it enhance his strength and speed, but it also gives him an array of cool abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, and the ability to see from afar, he can even erase memories and use mind control (Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho Episode 6).

All that is possible only because he opened it. The Jagan also possesses multiple forms, each form gives him a special ability that he can use to his advantage in a fight.

The easy way to prove the worth of the Jagan eye is well the fact that Hiei is one of the top 10 fighters of the series. No one dares to rub him the wrong way and his reputation became infamous thanks to it.

10. Byakugan

Title Naruto
Author Masashi Kishimoto
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Pierrot
Premiered Oct 3, 2002
Episode Count 220 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Hyuga Clan

The Byakugan is a dōjutsu, a kekkei genkai to be exact, possessed by the members of the Hyūga clan. Along with the Sharingan and the Rinnegan it is considered one of the Three Great Dōjutsu.

Those eyes have the ability to give the user a 360º field of vision, letting them see through objects and living beings revealing their weak spots and chakra flow (Naruto Manga Chapter 70). They can detect chakra from very long distances, perfect for recognition and spotting enemies.

9. Foresight

Title My Hero Academia
Author Kohei Horikoshi
Genre Action
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered Apr 3, 2016
Episode Count 13 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Nighteye/ Mirai Sasaki

Mirai has a really lit Quirk, his eyes let him see the future of a person, its like watching a movie for him (My Hero Academia Anime Episode 66).

He can use that very useful ability for an hour a day and then he needs to recharge. A small price to pay really. The more he uses it on one person, the further he goes into his future, and the more he knows about his life.

What he foresees is super detailed and 100% accurate unless he decides he wants to change what will happen.

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8. Plunder

Title Charlotte
Author Jun Maeda
Genre Drama
Type Series
Studio A. P. Works
Premiered Jul 5, 2015
Episode Count 13 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Yuu

At the end of the series, Yuu became an omnipotent character. Wanna know why? Well, its all thanks to his eyes.

At first, he thought that his only ability was to take over a persons body for five seconds, however, it was much more than that.

If he entered the body of someone with a special power, he would steal that power and make it his own (Charlotte Episode 10).

In order to save all the gifted, he tracked them down, all of it! took their abilities, and now who knows how many skills he possesses. Probably has too much to count.

7. Faustian Contract

Title Black Butler
Author Yana Toboso
Genre Action, Comedy, Mystery, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio A-1 Pictures
Premiered Oct 3, 2008 to Mar 27, 2009
Episode Count 24 episodes
Duration 24 min per ep
Character Ciel

One of the strongest characters in the anime world is undeniably Sebastian. He is a demon with unparalleled strength and cruelty. On the other side, he is infamous, feared by so many otherworldly beings.

Gods, angels, grim reapers, they are toddlers before him. But there is one guy that is even scarier than him and the guy who holds his reins.

See, Ciel made a contract with Sebastian and the seal of that contract is in his eye (Kuroshitsuji Manga Chapter 11). Thanks to it, the demon is bound to follow his every command until the terms are fulfilled.

A brat in control of a weapon on the scale of a natural catastrophe. Lets just hope he doesnt cause the end of the world because of a tantrum.

6. The Ultimate Eye

Title FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Author Hiromu Arakawa
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered Apr 5, 2009
Episode Count 64 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character King Bradley

The puniest effect on the Ultimate eye is that it gives King Bradley enhanced sensory vision, perfect for recognition and such. But its true power lies elsewhere. It helps the user predict all the possible patterns of attack his opponent can think of.

Basing his fighting style on that of his opponent, he comes up in mere seconds with the best offensive and defensive strategy to defeat that opponent.

With one look he can even analyze his enemy, getting a feel of how strong, how fast he is, and more importantly what are his weaknesses (Full Metal Alchemist Manga Chapter 15).

5. The All-Seeing Eyes of God

Title Blood Blockade Battlefront
Author Yasuhiro Nightow
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered Apr 5, 2015 to Oct 4, 2015
Episode Count 12 episodes
Duration 26 min. per ep.
Character Leonardo Watch

The All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods is an artifact that allows the user to see what they call the The Truth of the world.

With this truth comes a bunch of awesome abilities and skills such as heightened eyesight, enhanced speed that make the user movement impossible to see for normal humans, the holder can even foresee the future to some extent (Blood Blockade Battlefront Episode 1).

They can see what humans should not be able to see like aura and they are unaffected by the illusions created by the world that builds our reality.

Not just seeing, they can also alter reality by creating hallucinations, they can switch peoples vision making them see what the other is supposed to be looking at, it also works on the mind.

4. Geass

Title Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
Author Ichirō Ōkouchi, Gorō Taniguchi, Yoshitaka Kawaguchi
Genre Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Type Series
Studio Sunrise
Premiered Oct 6, 2006 to Jul 29, 2007
Episode Count 25 episodes
Duration 24 min. per ep.
Character Geass users

Geass is the power of Kings. Its a power that is granted to a human when they enter a contract with the immortal ones.

Each Geass is unique and holds a different ability. Lelouchs Geass lets him control anyone that will look into his eyes (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Episode 21). Maos Geass gave him the ability to read minds. Charles Geass was able to rewrite someones memories and so on.

The only thing that they have in common is that no matter who, the person that was entrusted with this power will have a huge impact on the world.

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3. Sharingan

Title Naruto
Author Masashi Kishimoto
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Pierrot
Premiered Oct 3, 2002
Episode Count 220 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Uchiha Clan

The Sharingan has two main abilities: The Eye of Insights and the Eye of Hypnotism. The first one grants the bearer supernatural perception, the ability to see Chakra and its color and most importantly it can copy any form of Jutsu.

The other one allows the user to activate the Genjutsu: Sharingan, it puts the target in a hypnotic state that he cannot escape from. And the most talented ninjas can also predict the future (Naruto Chapter 230).

Now, this is a boring explanation of how the Sharingan works. The truth is its much more complicated and much cooler than that. But if Im gonna start explaining we will need an entirely new blog.

2. Rinnegan

Title Naruto
Author Masashi Kishimoto
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Pierrot
Premiered Oct 3, 2002
Episode Count 220 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Nagato, Madara, Sasuke

Compared to the Rinnegan, the Sharingan and the Byakugan are just weak. In Naruto it is said that when a ninja will appear in possession of those eyes, he will either turn into a God of Creation or on the contrary a God of Destruction.

He can either bring peace to the entire world or if he turns out evil will turn it into nothingness . Thats how powerful those pairs of eyes are. They hold control over the lives of millions, they hold the future for the world in their palms, if they had palms…

A Rinnegan user can easily learn to use any kind of jutsu to perfection. He can see chakra and chakra flow as well as any kind of invisible barriers.

Those eyes can read the Sage of Six Paths Stone Tablet and he can activate six different abilities at the same time. Its called the Six Paths Techniques and each technique could wipe out a village (Naruto Chapter 419).

Okya, there are still many more skills a Rinnegan holder can use and to be honest if Im gonna continue we will still be here tomorrow. I think this is enough to convince of just how destructive that eye is.

1. Six Eyes

Title Jujutsu Kaisen
Author Gege Akutami
Genre Action, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio MAPPA
Premiered Oct 3, 2020 to Mar 27, 2021
Episode Count 24 episodes
Duration 23 min. per ep.
Character Gojo Satoru

To be honest, the truth behind the Six Eyes is still shrouded in mysteries. What we are certain of is that they are the reason behind Gojos omnipotent power.

They can mess with the space-time continuum, turning the world, and reality into nothing more than a concrete concept of the holder making the universe an item that can be defined in terms of mass, velocity, and energy (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 0-4).


If you had the opportunity to choose one eye, one eye that will become yours forever, which will it be?

In my case, I know Im cliché, but, if I can get eyes that will turn me into practically a God while at the same time being the most beautiful things I have ever seen then Ill definitely go for Gojos eyes, they are just stunning. So, its two birds with one stone technically.

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