Our video Buyer’s Guide for flagships and flagship killers

The holidays are almost here and what a great time for one to grab a new smartphone. We have regularly updated lists for the best flagships and flagship killers to get, and now Will synthesized them all in one neat video for you to enjoy.


Flagships have nothing to fear as their so-called killers have established themselves in a separate category and the two co-exist peacefully these days. The flagships are the most prestigious models, the heroes of a company’s portfolio with all the best its R&D department can produce. Those are targeted at people who always want the latest and greatest smartphone regardless of the price.

Our Buyer’s Guide for flagships and flagship killers is premiering now

Their so-called killers, a moniker introduced by OnePlus a long, long time ago, are smartphones with great performance, often running the top chipset or camera sensor on the market. The main difference, however, is they try and keep the budget sane at the expense of some limited appeal features.