COMPLETE Devil is a Part Timer Watch Order (Easy)

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Devil is a Part Time is a short, sweet, and super-funny anime with a bit of action. It really has something for everyone. This Comedy Anime also involves themes of Fantasy as well as Adventure so you’re in for some real fun!

If you still haven’t watched Devil is a Part Timer then worry not, we’re here with the correct watch order of this series. Keep on reading if you’re interested!


Devil is a Part-Timer Watch Order


Correct Watch Order

devil is a part timer watch order

  1. The Devil is a Part Timer Season 1 (2013)
  2. The Devil is a Part Timer Season 1 (2021)


Devil is a Part Timer History

the devil is a part timer Devil is a Part Timer is originally a light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara and illustrated by Oniku. After the manga adaptation, an anime series was adapted and released back in 2013 with a total of 13 episodes. A second season was released in 2022 and is currently ongoing. 


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Devil is a Part Timer Story

The Devil is a part timerDevil is a Part timer takes us to Ente Isla where the Demon Lord “Satan” has wreaked havoc. There’s no other being except for Hero Emilia who has the guts to stop him. Emilia momentarily overpowers Satan, making him run off to Earth along with his general, Alsiel

Both Satan and Alsiel find themselves in Tokyo and find it difficult to adjust there. They were hit by the hard reality that they’d have to work to survive as no magic could save them there. 

Satan started working at a fast food restaurant and Alsiel took care of everything at home. However, Satan is not the only one who came to Earth, Hero Emilia followed him. While not killing each other instantly, both of them are still not tender to each other on Earth. How will they manage to survive and get along on a planet alien to them while suppressing their killing intent for each other?


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Sadao Maou

Sadao Maou
In Ente Isla, Sadao Maou is known as Satan and is one of the most powerful and intimidating beings. Though he hailed from a lowly goblin tribe, he worked hard to reach a superior position just for the betterment of the people of his tribe. He is also a charismatic overlord for his people.

He never wanted any of his subordinates to use violence against people. However, his generals had their way with people and all the blame landed on Satan himself. 

As Sadao Maou on Earth, he’s shown to be a passionate worker who wants to climb the corporate ladder and works tirelessly for that. He’s also companionable and gets along well with everyone around him, except Emilia, of course. However, he’s still willing to help her despite his strained relationship with her. 


Emi Yusa

emi yusaAs a hero, Emilia is valiant and capable. People from her world can always count on her. She’s the only one who can give a tough time to the formidable Satan. She despises him because according to her, he’s the one behind extreme violence going on in her world. 

On Earth, Emilia is kind and caring towards the people close to her. Just like Sadao Maou, she’s also struggling to make ends meet and works tirelessly. She’s shown to develop a soft spot for Sadao and is willing to help him as well. 


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Chiho Sasaki

Chiho SasakiChiho is a sanguine and cheerful girl who is shown to be considerate towards our characters from Ente Isla. She’s shown to be a true hard worker as she manages her school as well as work flawlessly. 

Chiho has feelings for Sadao Maou and tends to get jealous whenever any female tries to get close to him, especially Emilia. Overall, Chiho is a sweet girl who cares deeply for her loved ones, especially, Sadao Maou. 



Devil is a part timer
The Devil is a Part Time has only two seasons that you can watch in order of their release dates. If you haven’t started watching this anime yet, this is a sign! Start watching already! We’ll come back with more Watch Order Guides for you guys. Stay tuned for more!