Devil is a Part timer Quiz: Which Character Are You?

Updated September 22, 2022 by Ernie

The Devil is a Part-Timer is the kind of action-comedy anime that took us by surprise back when it was first released. It takes an entirely different approach with the comedy aspect and that’s very refreshing. With a new season of this anime already being released, it’s awakening our love for this anime and we can’t wait to see how things unfold.

 Apart from an amazing story, The Devil is a Part-Timer serves us with a bunch of exciting and well-written characters. So today, we’re back with another quiz and this time, it’s your favorite anime, The Devil is a Part-Timer!

If you’re a fan of this anime then you must take the quiz given below. Have fun!






Characters Included


Sadao Maou

Sadao Maou
Sadao Maou was known as “Satan” in Ente Isla. He was feared by the masses because of his intimidating appearance and because he was rumored to be extremely brutal. As a Devil King, he was extremely charming and had a lot of followers. No one could challenge him except a hero named Emilia.

Satan was misunderstood to be cruel and ruthless. In reality, he was a kind and gentle leader. It was his generals who were  abusing their powers and had their way with the people of Ente Isla. 

He hailed from a lowly goblin-class tribe but rose above due to his sheer hard work and determination. He was truly respected by the people of his tribe.

As Sadao Maou on Earth, he was a very hardworking and diligent employee, knowing well that his survival is in earning loads of money. He was also friendly and kind towards others, making him easily approachable. He became protective of his loved ones and always put their safety first. 

No matter how peaceful he thinks Earth is, he still wants to return to Ente Isla. For that, he is working hard. He’s also very helpful towards others and is always there for them. Overall, Sadao is a good-natured devil king who only wants to live peacefully. If you got Sadao, you’re a true hard worker who is kind to everyone around him. 


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Emi Yusa

emi yusaAs the Hero Emilia on Ente Isla, Emi is a fearless girl who never backs down no matter how dangerous the situation is. She was the only one who could challenge the great Satan. She has a strong sense of justice and does not tolerate injustice in any way. 

She’s empathetic towards others and is always willing to help them. She wants to protect the innocent and feels for them too much. She easily becomes frustrated when she hears the name of the Devil King, Satan. Emilia managed to cut off one of his horns and made him run away to the Earth. 

As Emi on Earth, she’s a diligent worker who wants to live a comfortable life. For that, she works hard and never slacks off. She likes to stay low to avoid unwanted attention. She was initially aggressive with Sadao but warmed up to him pretty soon. However, she tries not to get too close to him. If you got Emi, you’re a tsundere but still soft and good-natured. 


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Chiho Sasaki

Chiho SasakiChiho Sasaki is a bubbly high school girl who happened to get involved with our characters from Ente Isla. She’s cheerful and fun to be around with. Chiho is also a very kind soul who feels for others and offers her help to them. She has feelings for Sadao and gets jealous of any girl who tries to get close to him. She’s especially jealous of Emi Yusa despite knowing her past with him. If you got Chiho, you’re too sweet but can also be quite possessive!


Shiro Ashiya

In Ente Isla, Shiro Ashiya was known as Alciel and the right hand man of Satan. He was extremely loyal to Satan and proved to be a great advisor to him. On Earth, Shiro stayed at home, to take care of the household chores. He spent money mindfully and advised others to not spend their money on luxury items.If you got Ashiya, you’re a loyal and wise individual. 


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The Devil is a part timerSo, did you guys take the quiz? Which character did you get from The Devil is a Part Timer? Comment down below and let us know. We’ll come back with more quizzes like these. See you in the next one!