COMPLETE Record of Ragnarok Watch Order (& Read Order)

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Have you ever wondered what a match-up between Adam, the first man, and Zeus, King of the Greek Gods and Gods of the Skies, would turn out to be? Or basically any other historical figures against different Gods? Like Buddha vs Shiva? Woah! Have you? Yes? Thank goodness! Then if you have that in mind, I have the series just for you! *wink*




About Record of Ragnarok

Record Of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is not only a memeable anime, it is also  an action-packed yet wisdom-filled series. Originally a manga written by FUKUI Takumi and UMEMURA Shinya and illustrated by AJI Chika, it was then adapted to an anime and was released exclusively on Netflix last June 21, 2021. 

It shows the resilience and resolve of humanity despite the challenges and obstacles Gods throw at them. It currently has one season and another one at the works. 


Season 1

The first season begins with the Gods meeting and having decided that humanity is irredeemable, thus will not be given another 1,000 years. They fully intend to eradicate them  but before they can settle, one of the Valkyries, Brynhildr, intervenes and convinces the Gods to give humanity a fighting chance. 

Ragnarok was decided. A one-on-one battle between a human and a God. The first side to reach 7 wins will be the victor. Thirteen representatives of humanity were chosen to be pitted against Gods. 

Each representative from humanity will be partnered with a Valkyrie that will turn into a weapon suited for their style in order to make it a fair fight. 

The season covered the first three rounds of the battles between the Gods and the beginning of the fourth round, leaving the scoreboard with Humanity 1 and Gods 2. 


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Upcoming Season 2

A teaser for season 2 was just released last July 2, 2022. It opens with the fourth round between the Greek Demigod and Hero, Hercules, and the infamous serial killer, known as Jack the Ripper. 

Will humanity be able to catch up and tie the score? We’ll only know until next year! …or you can read the manga to find out… . 


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Manga Read Order Guide

For those who want to know who wins between Jack the Ripper and Hercules, you can start with chapter 21 onwards. But there are times when the anime skipped and left out a lot of details, so fans highly suggest reading it from the beginning. 


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1. Record of Ragnarok  Manga Volume 1-2  (Chapter 1-7) – Round 1: Lu Bu vs Thor


2. Record of Ragnarok Manga Volume 2-3 (Chapter 7-13) – Round 2: Adam vs Zeus


3. Record of Ragnarok Volume 3-5 (Chapter 13-20) – Round 3: Sasaki Kojiro vs Poseidon


4. Record of Ragnarok Volume 5-8  (Chapter 20-30) – Round 4: Jack the Ripper vs Hercules


5. Record of Ragnarok Volume 8-11 (Chapter 31-42)-  Round 5: Shiva vs. Raiden Tameemon


6. Record of Ragnarok Volume 11-14  (Chapter43-54) – Round 6: Buddha vs Zerofuku/Hajun


7. Record of Ragnarok Volume 14-16  (Chapter 55-65)  – Round 7:  Qin  Shi  Huang  vs Hades


8. Record of Ragnarok Manga Volume 17- (66-) – Round 8: Nikola Tesla vs Beelzebub



All of Record of Ragnarok’s aired episodes are currently available on Netflix and has been greenlit for a season 2 to be released in 2023. Though you still have a lot of time before the new season comes out, why waste time not watching such an action-packed anime? 

Get up and switch that Netflix on! But if you want to take two birds with one stone then you should wait and binge the two seasons on one go, once it pops up! May we interest you with another series on Netflix? Go on now and make humanity proud!

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