COMPLETE Beastars Filler List (OFFICIAL)

Updated September 22, 2022 by Ernie

Beastars is the kind of furry anime that received a lot of love from fans all around the world. It serves us with a different kind of story and the animation is just beautiful. However, it might not be the cup of tea for everyone. But if Beastars piques your interest and you’re looking forward to watching it, then worry not, we’re here to guide you through the possible fillers that might be a part of this anime. So, are you guys ready? Let’s go!




How Many Fillers Are There in Beastars?

Beastars has a total of 24 episodes and none of them are fillers. You can check the list below.

# Title Type Airdate
1 The Moon and the Beast MANGA CANON 2019-10-10
2 The Academy’s Top Dogs MANGA CANON 2021-10-16
3 A Wolf is Born MANGA CANON 2019-10-24
4 Give it Your All MANGA CANON 2019-10-31
5 Two Sides to the Story MANGA CANON 2019-11-07
6 Blurred Vision – Dream or Reality? MANGA CANON 2019-11-14
7 Below the Fur Coat MANGA CANON 2019-11-21
8 Caught like Floss in a Canine’s Teeth MANGA CANON 2019-11-28
9 Into the Lion’s Den MANGA CANON 2019-12-05
10 A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing MANGA CANON 2019-12-12
11 To the Neon District MANGA CANON 2019-12-19
12 In the Storm’s Wake MANGA CANON 2019-12-26
13 A Teen’s Never-Ending Alarm MANGA CANON 2021-01-07
14 The Gray Police Hound Runs MANGA CANON 2021-01-14
15 Changes MANGA CANON 2021-01-21
16 Entangled MANGA CANON 2021-01-28
17 Call it Like it is MANGA CANON 2021-02-04
18 Fly, O Corrupt One MANGA CANON 2021-02-11
19 Unforgettable Sweetness MANGA CANON 2021-02-18
20 Laughing at the Shadows We Cast MANGA CANON 2021-02-25
21 A Busted Electric Fan MANGA CANON 2021-03-04
22 The Chef’s Suspense MANGA CANON 2021-03-11
23 Scatter Your Scales MANGA CANON 2021-03-18
24 A Revolutionary Feast MANGA CANON 2021-03-25


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Beastars History

Beastars is originally a  manga series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. It started serializing in September 2016 and ended in October 2020. There are a total of 22 volumes of the manga.

An anime series was adapted from the manga and started airing in October 2019 and ended in December 2019 with 12 episodes. A second season of the anime series was released in January 2021 and ended in March 2021. The final season of the anime series is yet to be released in 2024


Beastars Story

Beastars takes us to the Cherryton Academy where anthropomorphic animals  exist. The herbivores and carnivores are not fond of each other for obvious reasons. We’re introduced to Legoshi, a grey wolf, who is a part of the school’s drama club. One day, Tem, an alpaca, suddenly gets murdered. This incident adds to the tension between herbivores and carnivores. All fingers are pointing towards Legoshi even if he didn’t do anything. He then comes across a rabbit named Haru and starts having feelings for her. However, they can’t be together because Legoshi won’t be able to control his instincts around her. How will things unfold and what is the mystery behind Tem’s death?

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Beastars Characters



LEGOSHILegoshi appears to be a quiet, humble and gentle guy. He looks intimidating but is not at all. He’s socially awkward and doesn’t like going in crowds. Despite his timidness, he’s shown to be assertive at times. He’s also naive and a bit of an airhead. He doesn’t look down on herbivores and treats them equally. He possesses no hatred in his heart for them. Other than that, Legoshi is truly a good-natured guy.



Haru is a fragile and girly rabbit. She doesn’t have a good reputation at her school and her character is frequently questioned. However, Haru is just a friendly and kind person who wants to help others in need. Despite appearing to be fragile and someone who needs protection, Haru is very brave and self-sufficient. 



BEASTARSBeastars is a pretty short anime series with 0 fillers so you can watch it stress-free. I hope this blog helped you and we’ll come back with more Filler List Blogs. See you guys in the next one!