Which Overlord Character Are You? (Quiz)

Updated August 16, 2022 by Ernie

Overlord has been everyone’s favorite Fantasy – Isekai anime that involves an actual game world. The story of this anime is very well-thought and the characters are very interesting as well. If you’re a fan of Overlord then you must understand what I’m talking about. The anime is truly sublime!

Considering the fact that you’re an overlord fan, we’ve created a very fun quiz for you to take. Want to know which character you are from Overlord? Find out in the quiz below!




Characters Included


Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown
Ainz Ooal Gown aka Momonga is the main protagonist of the series. Ever since Ainz was transported to this new game world, he found himself becoming cold and calculated with his approach. He didn’t feel any kind of remorse killing people and decieving them for his own good. He lies blatantly and is merciless. However, Ainz is very caring and loyal towards his friends. He appears to be very dutiful and dignified but in reality, it’s all a facade. He also gets tired with all the responsibilities he has in the new world he was transported to. Other than that, Ainz is very competitive. He works hard in order to be stronger than everyone else. We could also call him selfish because he really thinks about himself and no one else. 



albedoAlbedo is very loyal towards Ainz and is deeply in love with him. She’s extremely obsessed with him and wants to stay close to him all the time. She gets jealous whenever any other female tries to get close to Ainz. Despite being extremely clingy and possessive, Albedo understands that as a Ruler, Ainz can have multiple wives but only on one condition; he must love Albedo the most. She often loses control when she’s with Ainz and wants him to accept her. Other than that Albedo is very opinionated about things. She would openly tell Ainz if he’s doing something wrong which irritates him at times. She’s very dutiful and she knows what she’s doing. Calm, intelligent and a true beauty, Albedo has everything a man would want. 


Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear BloodfallenShalltear is a vampire and a very flirty one on top of that. She’s very proud of her abilities and status as a vampire and looks down upon other races. Like Albedo, she’s also interested in Ainz. She hates failure and will instantly kill her servants if they’ve failed to complete a task given by her. She also doesn’t forgive herself if she failed to complete a task and would reflect deeply on her own actions. She tries to be extra efficient in front of Ainz as she wants to be praised by him. She considers Albedo her rival when it comes to securing Ainz love. She does show that she’s scared of getting punished by Ainz. However, deep down she likes the idea of being punished by him. Shalltear undoubtedly has a twisted personality. 

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Sebas Tian

sebas tian
Sebas Tian is a head Butler and is very loyal to Ainz. He’s very kind towards humans and doesn’t look down upon them. He has a very strong sense of justice and condemns evil deeds strongly. However, he has to listen to his master but he does question himself after doing any kind of bad deed. Sebas Tian is very helpful towards humans and is willing to help any human in need. Overall, Sebas Tian is a very reliable and capable butler with a lot of useful abilities.


Solution Epsilon

solution epsilonSolution loves toying with humans. She sees them as food and nothing else. She loves seeing them suffer in their last moments and traps them in order to consume them. She acts all naive but she’s very cunning. Solution is extremely loyal to Nazarick and is not afraid to speak up to her superiors if their decisions are not in line with Nazarick’s benefits. This shows her brave and blunt nature. She will even stop obeying her superiors if their plans are not according to Nazarick’s. When it comes to combat, Solution is pretty strong and swift in taking out her enemies. She’s an extremely dangerous individual. 



overlordHave you taken the quiz already? Comment down below and let us know which character you are from Overlord. We’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys!