Where To Start My Hero Academia Manga After The Anime?

Updated August 14, 2022 by Ernie

My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the best shounen anime out there that has fans hooked to it. Its popularity keeps on soaring because of its amazing storyline, stunning visuals and unique characters. While My Hero Academia Anime seasons are releasing every other year fans can’t wait to know how the events unfold. If you’re one of those fans then we got you!

Today, we;ll be letting you know which chapter you can read right after the end of the season 5 of My Hero Academia. Let’s get going!



Where to Start Reading My Hero Academia Manga after Anime?

Season 5 of My Hero Academia concluded the “My Villain Academia” arc. This arc was one of the most interesting and spectacular ones. Season 5 concluded with 25 episodes and you can start reading chapter 257 of the manga that will carry out the events left in the fifth season of My Hero Academia. 


My Hero Academia History

mha manga
My Hero Academia is originally a manga series written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi. It started serializing in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2014 and as of July 2022, a total of 35 volumes have been collected. An anime series was released in April of 2016 and ended in June of the same year. My Hero Academia anime series has a total of 5 seasons. The 6th season is under works and is set to be released in October 2022. There are a total of three movies titled My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising and My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission. A live-action movie is also being planned


My Hero Academia Story

My Hero AcademiaMy Hero Academia introduces us to a young boy who lives in a world where everybody has superpowers by the name of “Quirks”. However, Izuku is the only one who doesn’t seem to have one. He was a massive fan of All Might, the no.1 hero who was loved by everyone. Midoriya was inspired by all Might and wanted to become a hero like him. But he was devastated to know that he had no quirk.

One day, while Midoriya was strolling around, he came across a weakened All Might. He was shocked to know that All Might won’t be able to stay the no.1 hero for long because of his health issues. All Might sees potential in Midoriya and decides to transfer his quirk into him. He tells Midoriya to eat a strand of his hair to be able to inherit All Might’s Quirk. Midoriya does that and is granted All Might’s quirk “One for All”. 

Now, Midoriya is one step closer to becoming a great hero and enrolls in the U.A High academy which is a prestigious institute for creating skilled heroes. There, he comes across his rival Bakugo who seems to have the same goal. He also meets a bunch of other students who are aspiring heroes and gets along well with them. Together, the aspiring heroes must train hard in order to become pro-heroes, serving the country. However, they’re unaware of the threat they’re under and the villains that are ready to attack them whenever they get the chance. 


My Hero Academia Characters


Izuku Midoriya

Midoriya is the main character of the series. He was a timid guy who was also very cowardly initially. He had trouble communicating with others but he learned to make friends soon. Midoriya has a very kind heart. He became extremely brave and selfless as the series progressed. The best thing about Midoriya is that he never gives up. No matter how powerful his opponent is, he’ll give his all in order to beat him, even if it means getting hurt badly.

Midoriya is also very caring towards his classmates and always wants the best for them. He’s always there to help them. Other than that, Midoriya is a bit naive as he can’t see Uraraka being in love with him. While Uraraka drops subtle cues, Midoriya is unable to get them, leaving Uraraka flustered. Midoriya was fearful of Bakugi initially, but he started facing his fear as the series progressed and was all up to compete with him. Overall, Midoriya is a very kind guy with a pure heart.


All Might

All Might
All Might used to be the no.1 hero until he was forced to retire because of his health issues. He’s seen to be a very energetic and optimistic man in his hero persona. He’s brave, determined and strong. All Might never hesitates jumping right into danger in order to protect innocent civilians. He’s also very cheerful and friendly

When All Might is back to his usual self, he becomes a bit more serious and a bit boring as well. He’s greatly concerned for the future of humanity and is positive about our aspiring heroes that they’d be able to save humanity from the hands of evil. 


Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki BakugoBakugo is a haughty and aggressive guy with a very bad temper. He doesn’t hesitate to use violence on anybody who tries to irritate him. Bakugo looked down upon Midoriya when he was young. He used to bully Midoriya as well. However, after Bakugo witnessed Midoriya’s strength, Bakugo started respecting him and considered Midoriya his competitor


Shoto Todoroki

Shoto TodorokiTodoroki is a very calm, serious and cold guy who rarely expresses his emotions. He was withdrawn from his whole class and never opened up to anyone. However, Midoriya changed him and he started enjoying the company of his classmates. Todoroki has a dysfunctional family. His father, Endeavor, made him go through intense training and also abused his wife to the point that she became mentally unstable. This made Todoroki hate his father. Overall, Todoroki is a kind guy who cares a lot for others. 



My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia season 6 is coming out pretty soon but if you still want to know what happens next after season 5, you can start reading chapter 257 of the manga. I hope this blog helped you and we’ll be coming back with more of these blogs. See you in the next one!