Complete Vampire Knight Filler List (OFFICIAL) 

Imagine you’re chilling and just living your life when suddenly, you get attacked by a vampire! Trust me guys, getting attacked or kidnapped by a vampire can never go wrong! I don’t know about you guys, but I love vampires! 

The story of this anime revolves around a girl who got attacked by a vampire. That’s her last memory. However, she gets rescued by another vampire as well! So, the story of Vampire Knight takes place ten years after this incident happens. I’ll let you guys know about the plot in detail below. 

If you’re planning on watching Vampire Knight, we’ve got you covered. If you value your time and want to know about the fillers in this anime, scroll down below to find out! 




Ep No. Title Type Date
1 Night of Vampires MANGA CANON 2008-04-07
2 Memories of Blood MANGA CANON 2008-04-14
3 The Fang of Repentance MANGA CANON 2008-04-21
4 Trigger of Condemnation MANGA CANON 2008-04-27
5 Moonlight Festivities MANGA CANON 2008-05-05
6 Their Choices MANGA CANON 2008-05-12
7 The Scarlet Maze MANGA CANON 2008-05-19
8 Gunshot of Sorrow MANGA CANON 2008-05-26
9 Crimson Gaze MANGA CANON 2008-06-02
10 The Princess of Darkness MANGA CANON 2008-06-09
11 The Consequence of Desire MANGA CANON 2008-06-16
12 Vow of the Pureblood MANGA CANON 2008-06-23
13 Crimson Chains MANGA CANON 2008-06-30
14 Burden of Sinners ~Guilty~ MANGA CANON 2008-10-06
15 The Eternal Promise ~Paradox~ MANGA CANON 2008-10-13
16 The Azure Portrait MANGA CANON 2008-10-20
17 Devil’s Awakening MANGA CANON 2008-10-27
18 The Subordinate’s Trap MANGA CANON 2008-11-03
19 The Fake Lovers MANGA CANON 2008-10-10
20 The Kiss of Thorns MANGA CANON 2008-11-17
21 Spiraling Recollections MANGA CANON 2008-11-24
22 Revival of the Mad Emperor MANGA CANON 2008-12-01
23 Prelude to the Battle MANGA CANON 2008-12-08
24 Two Souls MANGA CANON 2008-12-15
25 World’s End MANGA CANON 2008-12-22
26 Vampire’s Knight MANGA CANON 2008-12-29



Vampire Knight

One snowy night, a girl named Yuki gets attacked by a vampire. However, another vampire comes to save her. Yuki gets pretty upset by this situation and eventually passes out. She finds out that she’s been adopted as the daughter of Cross Academy’s Headmaster. She, along with Zero Kiryu, decides to establish peace between humans as well as vampires.

Now, one thing is for sure. It’s super hard to establish peace between two different species. Especially when humans are seen as “food” for vampires. Yuki and her longtime best friend have taken on this responsibility. Let’s see how well they manage their duties. 

Zero Kiryu is a vampire hunter who is in charge of Day Class and Night Class and it was built to improve the relationship between humans and vampires. One evening, Yuki finds out that there’s a pair of two male vampires who are planning to eat a Day Class student. Yuki tries to keep the peace between them and stops them by offering her blood which resulted from an injury when she climbed a tree. 


However, Zero arrives and saves her by threatening them with his special gun, also known as an anti-vampire gun. The name of this gun will leave your mouth open, it’s just so cute. The name is Bloody Rose. Doesn’t it sound very artistic? Kaname is a good vampire who punishes these vampire students. 

Meanwhile, there’s a twist! Zero shows some symptoms of vampirism when Yuki is brushing her hair. His focus is all on her neck. OOF! I bet we all didn’t expect that, right?

The very next day, Zero and Yuki are in charge of exchanging chocolates between the Day Class and the Night Class students as a means of establishing peace. I mean, exchanging chocolates between humans and vampires? Do vampires even eat chocolate? I have so many questions right now! Well, we’ll see that in a bit. 

chocolates vampire knight

After this event, Zero gives Kaname Yuki’s present after discarding all of his own presents. Since our boy Zero is worried about hurting Yuki, he stays away from her for good. 

Her scent really drives him crazy but he cannot hurt her. As Zero is on his way, he gets attacked by the Night Class students and then gets found inside Kaien’s bathroom by Yuki. She offers him her self-made chocolate. Zero rushes out and Yuki notices the blood dripping. She gets confused. 

Kaien seeing that the two of them have been doing their duties diligently, decides to make them Disciplinary Committee’s members. After some time, Yuki finds out that her best friend takes blood tablets. HOLD UP! Imagine your best friend took blood tablets, what would your reaction be? 

blood tablets

Yuki comes across a young guy who exposes Zero and says that he’s a vampire. She gets trapped by this young guy and also gets attacked by some other vampire. Zero arrives at the destination along with Kaname, and they both reveal that they are E-Vampires. He tells that he can control the bloodlust but ends up biting Yuki. So, that reveals that he’s a vampire. 

Due to the lack of blood, Yuki passes out just when Kaname arrives to stop Zero. Zero’s family got attacked by vampires back in the day, that’s why he’s a vampire. Shizuka Hio is a pureblood vampire who killed his family. She has the ability to turn a normal human into a vampire. Now, that sounds fun! I would love to be a vampire, what about you guys? 


When Yuki wakes up, she overhears a conversation about Zero transferring to the Night Class since he’s a vampire who’s been exposed now. Yuki steps in and tries her best to stop the Zero’s transfer. Zero arrives and takes out his Bloody Rose and pulls the trigger but he gets saved by Yuki who is begging him to stop doing all this! 

The relationship between the two of our MCs is very wholesome and amazing. Sometimes it’s going to make you feel very lonely. Well, that’s it for the plot, I won’t spoil it further for you guys, to find out what happens next in the story, watch Vampire Knight!



It’s  time we talk about some of the main characters in the anime and get to know them! So, let’s get started! 

Yuki Kuran 

yuki kuran

Yuki Kuran is our MC who’s responsible for establishing peace between humans and vampires since she became the adopted daughter of Cross Academy’s Headmaster. She’s quite friendly and kind. Her best friend is Zero who’s an E-Vampire. Despite the fact that Yuki feared E-Vampires, she decided to be with Zero through thick and thin. She does get intimidated easily but that doesn’t stop her from protecting Zero. Yes, we all need a friend like Yuki Kuran! 


Zero Kiryu 


Zero Kiryu is also one of the main characters in the series. He’s Yuki’s best friend and has been there for her. This boy went through a lot especially when his family got attacked by a vampire who had the ability to change normal humans into vampires. That’s how Zero became a vampire. He’s a kind individual however when he becomes a vampire, he tends to bite whoever’s in front of him. For Yuki, he’s quite careful since he doesn’t want her to get hurt. 




That’s it for the Vampire Knight Filler List. There are only two seasons of this anime and there’s no filler so you can start watching it now! Do let us know your thoughts about this anime in the comments down below! See you guys on the next blog!